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Enhancing Your Sense Of Smell

Ever grabbed a plate of food and just looked at it wondering why you can’t seem to pinpoint the aroma? Some people have a knack for picking up on scents, and it can be uncanny because you might not be able to do this.

Is this something you are born with? Well, not really, because you can work on your sense of smell and expose the nose to new things. It is all down to filling up your memory bank with smells that can then be related to later in your life.

For those who are not as well equipped to smell, here are things you can do to help yourself out.


Smell With Purpose

You will grab things and maybe smell them for a few seconds before moving on. This is what the average person does, and you have probably done your entire life too. This is why your sense of smell is not at its peak.

You want to smell with a purpose.

Visualize what you are smelling and pay attention to the notes you are smelling. How does it smell? What does it make you feel? These emotions are what will help you remember.

Smell More

Quantity, in this case, will do a lot. If you have not smelled something, why not go and do it right now? You have to smell a bit because there are people who stick to a particular region and only remain in that mindset.

Are you curious how we are able to smell? Watch this video to find out!

You should always smell more because people don’t enhance their scents as well as they should.

If you are not using this advice, why don’t you do it? The smelling sensation that you will struggle with can often be the ones that you don’t even take a sniff at. Give yourself a chance by at least smelling more and with a purpose.