How To Get Out Of Jail After An Arrest in New Jersey

One of the first thoughts you will probably experience when you have landed up in jail is how you can get out of the situation and fast. The typical method to successfully do this will be associated with posting for bail in NJ.

Bail is described as property, surety bond or cash that you can give to the court that will make sure you will show up in court when scheduled to. If you don’t appear at court for your set date, the court can retain your bail and will then proceed to issue out a warrant for your arrest.

Conditions Of Your Bail

If you are bailed out of jail, you will be required to comply with what is known as your “conditions of release.” If you happen to violate the provision, the judge for your case can revoke your bail and then order that you are re-arrested.

Paying Bail

Bail involves any one of the following form types:

  • A check or cash for the entire amount of your bail
  • Property that is the same worth or more than the amount of your bail
  • A bond that is known as a “guaranteed payment” for the bail amount

If you decide on the bail bonds NJ option, you may invest in a bond that will cost around 10% of the set bail amount. When it comes to bail bonds, it is of importance to know that the bond seller’s fee is regarded as nonrefundable. In some cases, the bond-seller you use may ask for “collateral.” This will mean that the bail bond you pay for will also include financial interests in your personally valuable property. Remember the bond-seller will be able to retrieve this interest if you do not show up for your court date.