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How Long Does Textured Wallpaper Last?

The latest innovation in the wallpaper is textured wallpaper, a full range of creative wallpaper that incorporates modern manufacturing techniques to create a texture on a wallpaper that is pleasing to the eye and the touch. However, as with all new innovations, many people are asking how long these wallpapers last. The answer is that textured wallpapers generally last as long as any other wallpaper.

Generally, the wallpaper will last indefinitely if put up properly. Well hung wallpaper, done by a professional hanger, will last at least as long as paint in the same areas. Wallpaper can stay up for a matter of decades and some of the earliest examples of wallpaper are still preserved in historic buildings to this very day. These examples date back to the nineteenth century and even after over a century, the wallpaper is still there, needing periodic maintenance after over a hundred years, but still otherwise completely solid where it was put up shortly after the American Civil War or reign of Queen Victoria.

However, the process must be done right and cutting corners to save money will generally result in a less long lasting wallpaper. Really doing a wallpaper hanging on the cheap will result in a wallpaper job that lasts scarcely a few years, or even less in high traffic areas of a building.  Most wallpaper hangers do not do work this shoddy, though some questionable contractors will do work that will not last. That said, even a mediocre wallpaper hanging will last for decades before it needs to be replaced and the best work can last for over a century if the building has low enough traffic. While few adults really need to worry about their interior decor lasting a century or longer, it is quite possible.

As a rule, textured wallpaper is generally no different from typical wallpaper when it comes to how long it lasts. However, the nuances of textured wallpaper call for a bit more work on the part of the wallpaper hanger and this makes it harder to do the kind of long lasting work that will persist for a century. Still, it is more than possible to make a textured wallpaper last for decades on end with even an ordinary contractor. Textured wallpaper does get damaged as readily as regular wallpaper, and secondary work may be needed to clean and repair certain elements of a damaged stretch of wallpaper.

It should be noted, though, that repairing wallpaper after a decade or more can be tricky. Patterns generally fall in and out of style and getting the new wallpaper to replaced damaged parts of the work can be difficult, if not impossible, once the pattern goes out of production. Additionally, any damage to wallpaper work will be immediately obvious and may require a full fledged total replacement of the entire wall’s wallpaper to keep noticeable damage from being obvious. Totally replacing one’s wallpaper starts the process over entirely, which can be a hassle for many homeowners, but this typically happens only in the case of major disasters.