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Have Better Meetings With Graphic Facilitators

It won’t be wrong to say that meetings are the biggest cause of time wastage at work closely followed by many useless e-mails. Bringing together a group of people for learning something new and for creating shared vision requires a lot of time and money and therefore, it is important you use everything at your disposal to get the most value out of this meeting. However, the biggest problem with usual meetings is that most people are unable to see the big picture which is necessary for making connections and spurring innovation.

It is established that human beings are able to remember only around 15% of what they hear but human beings are better at visual content. They are able to retain up to 65% of what they see. In other words, visual trumps all the other senses and therefore, it is important to take advantage of the visual sense during meetings also.

Better Meetings with Graphic Facilitators

better meetings with graphic facilitators may be defined as the artists who listen to the speaker and convert the spoken information into a visual so that everybody present in the meeting can connect to the big picture. In simple terms, these graphic facilitators work as a recording device to summarize the key messages of various speakers in a meeting. The work done by these artists graphically facilitates strategic planning.

There are a number of resources available online that justify the use of graphic facilitators during meetings. In fact, it has been established that meetings can get better with the help of graphic facilitators. The only thing you need to do is hire the services of an accomplished and experienced graphic facilitator to accurately capture the big picture of the meeting in a visual manner.

There are a number of graphic facilitators with their websites online. A simple search for graphic facilitators in your location will help you find tens of such artists. You should take a close look at their website and check out the work done by them for their past clients. Some of the more accomplished artists are regularly hired by big companies as well as event organizers to help them visually capture the essence of the things being said by the speakers at the conference and meetings.

These graphic facilitators create the visual map that helps in synthesizing as well as reflecting the content being spoken at the event. The visual maps also help in setting a creative tone for the event from start to finish and can also be used for follow up. It is not easy for attendees to absorb all the content that is being delivered verbally during any event. These visual maps help them in reminding the spirit as well as content of the conferences or workshops and get them excited about the next event.

Overall, there are a number of benefits of using graphic facilitators as you get better meetings with graphic facilitators. The only thing you need to ensure is to hire the services of an accomplished graphic facilitator to ensure they are able to capture the essence of the event in a visual manner that is not only attractive and engaging but also captures the real content.